Reiki: What to Expect

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Reiki: What to Expect

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also helps promote healing. Stress disrupts our energy flow and Reiki is a tool to help restore that flow, resulting in an improved feeling of well-being.

When you arrive for the initial session, you and the therapist will discuss what you wish to accomplish and what activity they will be doing. Your therapist will describe how they follow the 7 main chakras of the body.  A chakra is an energy center.  You will be brought into the room, asked to lay face up on the table, fully clothed. A pillow and blanket are available if needed for comfort. The lights are dimmed; soft music is playing in the background. The overall ambiance is that of peace and calm.

 Your therapist will begin by asking you to set an intention in your mind for what you wish to accomplish; for example, decreased feelings of anxiety or stress, improved quality of sleep, being more focused, or something else. While you are thinking of this, your therapist will begin by placing their hands upon your head and then follow the chakras. The Reiki energy is introduced by your therapist to your energy centers and distributed by the body to where it is needed the most. For those who prefer not to be touched, your therapist can offer the Reiki energy while keeping their hands several inches above their body.

The combined effect of the soothing ambience of the room, the intention you have set in your mind, and the acceptance of the energy offered relaxes your mind and helps eliminate the effects of stress. It is not unusual for the person on the table to fall asleep. Many have described a relaxed, peaceful feeling.

I was introduced to Reiki several years ago during a high stress level in my life. After my initial session, I was able to experience a restful night’s sleep. This was something that had eluded me for quite a while. Subsequent sessions had similar positive results so much so that I became a Reiki practitioner, level 2. I now self-reiki every night at bed time. I find myself relaxed and more focused. Sharing these benefits of Reiki is my passion. Assisting others to find inner peace, relaxation and increased focus is my personal goal.



Jeanne Mancinelli, LMT, Reiki Level II Practitioner