Workplace Massage Common Questions

Did you know stress ranks among the top reasons employees miss work? That stress causes or contributes to many health problems? These factors contribute to the rising cost of healthcare insurance. It is a fact and YOU can do something about it!

Many employers in the Lehigh Valley, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the nation are taking proactive steps. They are reaping the benefits of onsite workplace massage.

Research has shown that employees are more relaxed and better able to focus on tasks following a brief chair massage. These individuals show a lower absentee rate and higher level of job satisfaction. Chair massages, performed at your location, require little space and employees can take advantage of the service during their meal or break time.

Who pays & what is the cost?

Employer/Employee pays cost
Starting at $135/hour per therapist.

3 hour minimum, prepayment required at time of booking.

How long are the massages?

Workplace massages can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes in length.

Are oils/creams used?

Since a workplace massage is performed with the recipient fully clothed, massage oils and creams are not used.

“JOHN” has a medical condition, is massage safe for him?

In general, seated chair massage is safe for most everyone. Our therapists are well trained and will ask about any medical conditions before beginning. If massage is not appropriate, we will let the employee know.


How often can a therapist be here?

In most cases, we can have a therapist at your site as often as you would like. You can set up weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly appointments.

Can you have more than one massage therapist on-site?

The number of therapists will be determined by certain factors; the number of employees, length of massages, and availability of our staff just to mention a few.

Workplace Massage Key Information:

  • All massage therapists are well trained, professional, PA licensed & insured.
  • We need a private room with enough space for a massage chair, a small table, and enough room for the workplace massage therapist to walk around the chair. Approx. 10’x10’ is a good size.
  • A sign-up sheet can be made available for scheduling.
  • Employees can schedule massages before work, during meal times, or after work.
  • You can determine the frequency based on your staff demand.

Treat your hard working employees to a chair massage. Call Kristin today at 610-653-7701 or email