Answers To The Most Common Insurance Questions

Since therapeutic massage can be beneficial in the recovery of a great deal of musculoskeletal injuries we are pleased to provide third-party billing services.

What insurance companies can you bill for massage?

In many cases Automobile, VA Community Care Network (Optum), and Workers’ Compensation insurance will pay for therapeutic massage treatments. Most private insurance plans do not pay for massage services; if yours does we will be happy to provide the same billing services as well. Send us an email at to get started!

Do I need my physician’s approval for treatment?

In order for any insurance to pay for services it must be prescribed by your treating physician or chiropractor. As part of your healthcare team, we will keep your physician apprised of all evaluations, treatment plans, and continued progress when requested.

What does my doctor have to write on the prescription?

The prescription has to indicate the diagnosis, diagnostic (ICD-10) code, and treatment requested. The diagnosis and codes have to be a condition for which massage is indicated.

What if the insurance does not pay after treatment has been provided?

We will always request pre-approval for services from the insurance provider. We will follow whatever billing and charting requirements they may have to ensure that payment is not delayed or denied. However, if the insurance company does not pay, you will be responsible for payment. If your condition was the result of an accident and you have retained an attorney to help you recover damages and medical expenses, we will work with the attorney to make this process as painless as possible for you.

I have other questions, or I would like to make an appointment. What do I do from here?

Please visit our Contact page to either send us a message or call. We will be happy to answer any questions we can or make an appointment for you.