Creating a Comfortable Workspace For Yourself & Your Body

Creating a Comfortable Workspace For Yourself & Your Body One of the fallouts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that a large part of the American workforce is currently operating from home. For many employees and business owners, the work-from-home trend may continue even when the virus is finally behind us. In this scenario, it is vital to create a healthy and comfortable workspace at home. If you foresee yourself working from home for a fairly long time to come, it’s time [...]

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Give Your Partner a Relaxing Massage this Valentine’s Day

Keep it cozy this Valentine’s Day by staying inside and offering your partner a relaxing massage. Delivering the perfect massage may sound like pressure, but your Valentine will feel nothing but pleasure. Your partner will appreciate the attention and pampering, and the experience will help to create a more intimate bond between the two of you. You’ve got this! Here’s what to keep in mind: Ambiance is Everything Choose a quiet/clutter-free space You’ll want to pick a quiet space where you can [...]

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The Effects of Regular Therapeutic Massage on the Body

Is one of your goals in this new decade to focus on your health? One easy way to do that is by incorporating regular massage therapy into your routine. Regular therapeutic massage impacts your overall health. Here’s how: Boosts Immunity It seems like just about everyone is battling the flu, a bad cold, or some other virus this time of year, and you’d like to not catch it! Regular massages can make the immune system stronger according to the American Massage Therapy Association [...]

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Giving the Gift of Health

Another shopping season has begun…and so has the stress! It’s always difficult buying for those you care about the most. You want to give them something they’ll love, something they can benefit from, and something memorable. One gift that checks off all the boxes, and is especially appreciated at this time of year, is a massage! With the busyness of the holidays, one thing your family and friends may be overlooking is their health. Help them prioritize themselves with a massage. Here [...]

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Five Reasons to Book your Massage Today

Ahhh – a massage! It feels so good, is therapeutic, and just the thought of getting one puts many of us into total relaxation mode.  Do you really need any other reason to book yours? Since it’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, we’ll give you five good ones. Relieve Stress, Reduce Depression and Anxiety, and Get a Better Night’s Sleep Massages affect the body’s biochemistry in a great way. Researchers have found that getting a massage can lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone [...]

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The Benefits of Massage on Mental Health

With October being National Depression Awareness Month, it’s a great time to look at how we can take better control of our mental health. One way to do that is with routine massages.   Did you know that depression is the leading cause of disability in those 15 to 44 in the United States? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), major depressive disorder (the most commonly diagnosed form of depression) affects more than 16 million Americans a year.  Depression not [...]

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Massage Myths – Contraindications

Contraindication is a long word with a simple meaning: a reason you shouldn’t receive a particular treatment, such as a massage. There are local contraindications—things like a small wound—that shouldn’t be massaged directly, but that don’t mean you can’t still get a perfectly good massage on other parts of your body. Then there are general contraindications, or situations in which you shouldn’t get a massage at all. Contraindications can be an illness like the flu, a treatment or medication like a strong blood [...]

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Cupping Therapy Services

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping Session - $70 45 minutes, Available with Brianna Facial Cupping is a very popular treatment in Europe, Russia and Asia and is found to be effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving a smooth texture to the skin. It is a non-invasive treatment that can minimize the effects of sun and environmental damage, and aging. It is done using specialized cups that are specifically designed for the face, neck and upper chest to NOT leave marks. As a result [...]

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Massage Cupping

Cupping is a technique using suction to pull blood and fluid that is stuck in the muscles to the surface layers of the skin to put it back into the bloodstream for processing. The newly oxygenated blood then flows back into the area to promote healing. Cupping originated in Asia thousands of years ago. Cupping is noninvasive; it decompresses the muscles instead of compressing with regular therapeutic massage. Since it's noninvasive, many athletes at the Olympics (made popular by Michael Phelps) were getting [...]

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How to give a fantastic massage

Everyone wants a massage, but sometimes making it in to see your favorite massage therapist (hi there!) just isn’t feasible. It’s in those unexpected and inconvenient moments that knowing how to give your partner a pretty great massage yourself can make the difference between a rotten day and a better one. But of course, this hinges on one thing: do you know how to give a good massage? Giving an at-home massage is not that hard. Here are my favorite tips: Use firm pressure, but [...]

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