The harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin. The skincare routine that you just got down, and was working fabulously a few months ago, may seem like it is failing you now, leaving you with dry, dull skin. 

Not only are you not loving the look, but it is also painful. Don’t worry – you are not alone! So many people are looking for relief that there’s an entire day dedicated to it —  National Winter Skin Relief Day on January 8th.  

There are many things that you can do to get your skin feeling good and back to its natural, healthy glow. Getting a regular massage is one way to treat your skin because it improves circulation. Here’s why: 

Just taking the dog outside for a few minutes in the morning is enough for some of us to lose a little bit of feeling in the fingers and toes. Massage can help get the blood flowing to those extremities. The pressure created by the massage technique moves blood through the congested areas. The release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow in. The kneading of a massage improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries waste products away from the body’s tissues.

What does the combination of massage and better circulation mean for your skin?  

A More Youthful Appearance
Getting that blood circulating allows oxygen and nutrients to be better distributed to your skin. This will give an appearance of fewer wrinkles and fine lines. 

A Glow
The increased circulation brings more blood flow to the skin increasing collagen production which helps to create a lingering glow. Massage aids in “clearing out waste products and bringing oxygen and nutrients to active cells quickly and efficiently.” 

Better Hydration
You can say goodbye to that dull skin because the exfoliation process going on during a massage with our Himalayan salt stones helps get rid of dead skin cells. Not only will your skin have a healthy appearance, but it will also allow for better absorption of your skincare products, keeping the skin nourished and hydrated longer. 

Other ways to maintain healthy skin this winter:

Limit the hot showers
Yes, they feel so nice, especially on a brutally cold day. However, the hot water decreases moisture because it’s stripping the skin of its natural oils. Instead take shorter, lukewarm showers using a mild soap. Also, make sure not to scrub too hard —  that will just irritate the skin. 

Moisturize Daily
While your daily moisturizer may work well in other seasons, it may not be up to fighting the harsh winter conditions. WebMD suggests finding an ointment that is oil-based rather than water-based. The best time to apply is right after the shower, although you may need to apply several times a day during the colder months. Our favorite is Jojoba oil which doesn’t clog pores.

Wear Layers 
Pile on those sweaters, coats, scarves, hats, and gloves. The less exposed the skin is to dry air, the better! 

Add a Humidifier
Staying inside may seem like an escape, but not only is dry air outside, it’s present in the home as well. If your home tends to be extra dry, adding a humidifier may be a good idea. Consumer Reports suggests maintaining the air at 30-50 percent humidity. 

At Balanced Body Therapeutic Massage, we want to keep your skin glowing all winter long. Book your massage at one of our two convenient Lehigh Valley locations by visiting us online.