Robbie Carter

Robbie Carter, LMT

Robbie has been a licensed massage practitioner since graduating from the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy in 2016.

Throughout his years of practice, he’s come to appreciate the significant impact of massage therapy – he truly believes touch is vital. Witnessing the positive effects of massage on those experiencing pain is incredibly fulfilling and constantly reminds him of the healing and well-being it promotes. Whether it’s a relaxing Swedish massage to melt away the stresses of the day or a focused session targeting specific areas that knead extra attention (pun intended), the immediate and lasting benefits of his hands-on work continually fuel his passion for helping others improve their physical and mental health.

Robbie specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, forearm fusion, active isolated stretching, and hot stone massage.

For oncology clients, please call 610-653-7701 before booking if you have active cancer.

His guiding mantra as a therapist is: “Our bodies are temples. If we never maintain the structure, it will begin to erode.”

Robbie is a participating provider with the following health insurance company: VA Community Care.

He is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

PA State License Number: MSG011289

Where are you from?
I’m from good ol’ Jersey, but Allentown has been my home since ‘98.

Which location(s) do you work at?

How long have you been in the massage therapy field?
8 years

Why did you decide to do therapeutic massage?
I became interested in massage therapy while working as a Pharmacy Technician many years ago. I wanted to be able to help those with chronic pain in a more natural and beneficial way besides filling and making pain meds.

What’s the biggest myth about therapeutic massage that you like to address?
The belief of no pain, no gain! Receiving massage and having some residual soreness is natural, especially if the area being manipulated needs the extra attention. But what I’ve found is less is more. I’ve been told that my deep tissue techniques bring the pressure, but not the pain.

What is your favorite modality or service to offer and why?
Of the many modalities I’ve learned thus far, my absolute favorite will always be Swedish. My skills have all revolved around the basics and being able to get clients to relax and escape and then feel rejuvenated will always be my fave, but I love each style that I am able to introduce to clients!

What type of clientele do you like to work with?
All the shiny, happy people, everywhere! Send them my way! Good vibes are the best and my massage is rated E for everyone.

Favorite thing to do when not in the office?
I’m also a Lehigh Valley Photographer so I’d most likely be capturing moments for families or at the zoo or having an adventure with my family.

What book are you reading or listening to right now?
Haven’t really had the time to read but when I do, it’s normally photography related!