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Self Massage In Between Appointments

Life gets busy and we understand that you may not be able to make it in for a massage every week since massage has so many wonderful benefits such as reducing stress, relieving muscle tension, lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity and more. In order to keep the positive effects going, you can give yourself some […]

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Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter

The harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin. The skincare routine that you just got down, and was working fabulously a few months ago, may seem like it is failing you now, leaving you with dry, dull skin.  Not only are you not loving the look, but it is also painful. Don’t worry […]

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Giving the Gift of Health

Another shopping season has begun…and so has the stress! It’s always difficult buying for those you care about the most.  You want to give them something they’ll love, something they can benefit from, and something memorable. One gift that checks off all the boxes, and is especially appreciated at this time of year, is a […]

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Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

All of that circling around the mall, waiting in line, and standing for long hours takes a toll on the feet, especially during this busy time of the year. Our feet do so much for us every day, it’s time we take care of them.  Here are a few ways you can treat your feet: […]

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Five Reasons to Book your Massage Today

Ahhh – a massage! It feels so good, is therapeutic, and just the thought of getting one puts many of us into total relaxation mode.  Do you really need any other reason to book yours? Since it’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, we’ll give you five good ones. Relieve Stress, Reduce Depression and Anxiety, and […]

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